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Landscape of a construction site, there are excavators, pile driving and other heavy machinery

Integrated Geotechnical Solutions, Inc. (IGS) designs, installs and manages monitoring systems for construction and civil engineering projects. We work with owners, contractors and engineering firms to assess requirements, document conditions and monitor construction activities. With real-time alarm systems, we can reduce the impact to structures, preventing complaints and potential costly project delays.

Landscape of a construction site where to excavators are tearing down a building

With ageing infrastructure, controlled demolition is often required to make way for new infrastructure. Whether it be through blasting or mechanical means, these activities create strong vibrations and air overpressure that can cause damage to surround structures. Using the latest monitoring technology from Instantel, IGS ensures the demolition project does not affect the integrity of nearby structures like residences and commercial buildings.

Landscape of vibroseis trucks driving down a residential street with IGS technicians monitoring the vibrations

IGS helps clients get the most source points with the maximum amount of seismic energy in the ground, without causing damage to surrounding structures. At IGS we don't use distance as a pre-requisite, we conduct site attenuation studies which allow us to use the rate of decay of the vibration waves to accurately predict the PPV at the closest structures.

Landscape of a quarry pit showing the rock face

Integrated Geotechnical Solutions’ monitoring services make data collection simple and reliable, so you can be sure that you are always within compliance regulations. Your operation will receive the readings by email or text within minutes of the blast, often before the all clear has been given. Our philosophy is to be PROACTIVE, not reactive.

Landscape of a subway tunnel, its dark and the train is approaching in the distance

As the landscape of urban environments change, above ground construction activities can impact subsurface tunnels and transit systems. The team at Integrated Geotechnical Solutions (IGS) has experience and a proven TRACK record when working with organizations like the MTA. We’re proud to be track safety certified and OSHA compliant.

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