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Tilt meters are used to measure and monitor changes to the inclination and vertical rotation of structures. Unfortunately, there is a myriad of external factors that can affect the tilt of a structure and compromise structural integrity, such as changes to the water level, ground heave due to frost and thaw and nearby tunnelling or excavation. They can also be used to monitor slope stability of open pit or excavation walls. Tilt meters allow for precise, up-to-the-minute monitoring of structures and provide early warning of any shifts or changes so rapid corrective action can be taken. Tilt meters can be install on any vertical or horizontal surface and can be either uniaxial or biaxial. They detect even the slightest deviations from true vertical. The data they record provides a schematic overview of vertical and rotational deformations within the structure overtime.

  • Two different ranges: +/- 10 degrees or +/- 15 degrees

  • Resolutions up to 2 arc seconds

  • Uniaxial or biaxial sensors available

  • High accuracy and repeatability

  • Data logger or manual readout options

  • Easy installation

  • Temperature ranges from -20C to 80C (-4F to 176F)

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