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Static crack gauges are precision gauges that consist of two plates which overlap for a part of their length. One plate is calibrated in millimeters, while the other plate is transparent and marked with a cross. The crack gauge is fixed across the crack using screws and plugs and/or adhesive. As the crack opens or closes, the cursor moves relative to the calibrated scale. With static crack gauges, the operator has to take manual readings but the tradeoff is they are less expensive than dynamic crack gauges.

  • Can be used internally or externally

  • Cost effective

  • Choice of four different setup options

  • Easily retrieved

  • Can be affixed with adhesive to reduce damage to facades

Options Available

  • Standard Tell-Tale (-20 mm to +20 mm)

  • Plus Tell-Tale (-25 mm to +25 mm)

  • Corner Tell-Tale (angles between 70 and 180 degrees)

  • Displacement Tell-Tale (-10 mm to +50 mm)

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