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Designed for specialty monitoring, the Minimate Pro offers advanced monitoring capabilities. With a cast aluminum case, a waterproof rating of IP67 and EMI shielding, the Minimate Pro is designed to handle the most extreme environments. While the average sample rates of a seismograph are up to 4,096 samples per second (SPS), the Minimate Pro offers rates up to 65,536 SPS. With the optional 6 channel unit, you can record two geophones at the same time.

  • EMI shielding and built-in noise and anti-aliasing filters

  • High sample rates of up to 65 kHz per channel that do not degrade as record time increases

  • Sample rate is independent of record times, allowing playback of sound recorded with a Sound Level Microphone

  • Rugged and reliable design including cast aluminum case and connectors

  • A water resistant rating of IP67

  • ISEE Geophone (2 to 250 Hz) *Available as a borehole

  • DIN Geophone (1 to 315 Hz) *Available as a borehole

  • Air Overpressure (Linear) Microphone

  • Sound Level Microphone

*Advanced sensors require THOR Advanced Software License

  • High-Frequency Geophone (30 to 1000 Hz) *Available as a borehole

  • High-Pressure Microphone (up to 10 psi)

  • Hydrophone (8 to 500 Hz)

  • Accelerometers (0.5 g, 50 g and 500 g)

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