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Total stations are used wherever the positions and heights of points, or their positions, need to be determined. They consist of a theodolite with a built-in distance meter, so it can measure angles and distances at the same time. Today’s total stations can also be robotic, which allows the total station to automatically move and locate targets. A robotic total station speeds up the survey work and reduces manpower. They are the latest, most advanced system on the market today. IGS offers a range of total stations and accessories to meet your requirements and budget. Our staff is always here to find you the right setup!


  • Unsurpassed range, speed and accuracy of measurements

  • Reduces the number of man hours spent on site

  • Eliminates manual errors while reading and recording

  • Corrects for temperature and pressure automatically

  • Control point measurements, adjustments, computations, and data collection with powerful coding and line work routines

  • Monitor continuously, 24/7


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