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In much the same way as tilt meters, tilt sensors are designed to measure tilt in structures including buildings, dams, embankments, slopes, retaining walls and open pits. When connected in a tilt beam, they can also be used to monitor movement of tunnel walls, railway tracks and the deflection of bridges and beams under load. MEMS based tilt sensors can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. MEMS sensors are low cost, robust, virtually immune to shock loading and exhibit very good long-term stability. On projects with other vibrating wire sensors, the vibrating wire tilt sensors may help simplify the design of the data acquisition system.

  • Range of +/- 15 degrees

  • Resolution of up to 2 arc seconds

  • Available in uniaxial or biaxial versions

  • Integrated thermistor for temperature measurement

  • IP65 rated NEMA enclosures available

  • Digital and analogue outputs available

  • Temperature ranges from -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F)

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