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The Micromate monitoring unit (seismograph) from Instantel is the work horse of the industry. It is rugged, reliable and built to last. It has four available channels: three for triaxial vibration monitoring and one for sound or air overpressure.  With a large, color touch screen display, it is easy to use – even for those who may not be quite as tech savvy! Whether you’re monitoring demolition, construction, pile driving or blasting, the Micromate is a great all-around monitoring unit that you can’t go wrong with.

  • Sample rate of up to 4,096 samples per second that does not degrade as record time increases

  • Rugged design including high-impact case, fully sealed top panel and non-corrosive connectors

  • USB interface allows for high speed data transfer

  • Easy-to-use with touch screen, intuitive menu and color display

  • Uninterrupted event monitoring ensuring zero dead time, even while processing events

  • With Auto Call Home™, data collection can be automated or manual

  • ISEE Geophone (2 to 250 Hz) *Available as a borehole

  • DIN Geophone (1 to 315 Hz) *Available as a borehole

  • Air Overpressure (Linear) Microphone

  • Sound Level Microphone

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