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total station mounted on a pole in front a grid-locked road

With increasingly stricter government regulations and project requirements, compliance monitoring has never been more important. Integrated Geotechnical Solutions works with clients to deliver custom, turn-key monitoring solutions that not only meet project requirements, but are also cost-effective, easy-to-use and reliable.

photographer in front of a house taking pictures of damage

Pre-condition surveys are a systematic, visual documentation of the existing condition of a structure. The purpose of the inspection is to create a baseline report that identifies any pre-existing anomalies or defects PRIOR to the commencement of construction related activities adjacent to that structure.

landscape of a quarry face

Working with your blasting company, we will ensure that the energy in a blast is being used efficiently. Using seismic analysis, we are able to eliminate holes and decks in the blast, while limiting the impact on surrounding communities. Changes are made on a shot-by-shot basis to fine tune the blast and track modifications.

presenter giving training to attendees

IGS offers a convenient mix of learning opportunities in a variety of formats, and in a range of price points; from in-person learning to webinars or customized programs. The instructors will take you through the basic theory of what and why you’re monitoring to proper installation and troubleshooting techniques.

presenter giving a speech to  members of the public

Whether you’re a blasting and drilling firm, construction company or a developer, our specialists work with operations to develop and execute public relation plans to help improve community relations. Our team of experts can provide guidance on email correspondences, presentations, or communication strategies.

consultant giving testimony in court

Our senior consultants provide independent expert analysis and testimony. They have an extensive knowledge of the industry, training and insights required to provide expert services from discovery to decision. Our specialists present findings and opinions clearly and concisely, allowing complex technical issues to be understood by the non-scientific community.

construction worker in a field looking at an Instantel Micromate

In accordance with project, local and government regulations, construction operations are required to control the impact of vibration and noise on nearby structures and the public. Monitoring plans outline the methods and procedures that will be used to monitor vibration and noise, including the locations of the monitors.

custom built camera system mounted on a trailer with solar panels

Have a unique job that requires a unique solution? IGS custom builds equipment setups for remote monitoring solutions. We also build custom extension cables, light alarms, industrial computer systems and solar power stations.

GPS map of a quarry with points of interest called out

The purpose of a site risk assessment is to investigate a wide variety of risks associated with the anticipated blasting activity. The assessment will review and grade items such as the probability of litigation, local geology, blast planning, political environment, weather, infrastructure, neighbor relations, etc.

technician taking a well water sample

IGS conducts third party chemical analyses on water samples. Tests conducted include; minerals, hardness, alkalinity, suspended solids, pH, turbidity, etc. IGS also uses the latest completely non-invasive testing methods to conduct ultra-sonic flow rate testing.

landscape of quarry face

With the invention of electronic detonators, signature hole analysis has become more popular. It is used to determine what timing is best between holes, rows and decks, taking into account the local geology. By determining the optimum firing sequences, it can help reduce PPV levels, increase frequencies and improve fragmentation.

surveyor with clipboard in front of a row of vibroseis trucks

Site attenuation studies are used to determine how the vibration energy will propagate, taking into account local geology. Whether the local geology is sand, silt clay or a variation can affect how the vibration waves will travel and how they will decay as the distance from the energy source increases.

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Expert Testimony
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Site Risk Assessments
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