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The SoundTrack LxT Sound Level Meter was developed to meet the unique needs of those involved in workplace noise assessment. It is fully compliant with IEC and ANSI standards for class 1 or 2 sound level meters.  With its sleek ergonomic design to its exceptional exposure data presentations, the SoundTrack LxT® is the perfect tool for gathering, analyzing, and presenting detailed noise environment data quickly, easily, and concisely. New and better ways to organize your sampling methodology and annotate noise survey data save incredible amounts of time and provide better results – all at a price that won’t consume your entire instrumentation budget.

  • Measurement Range: 39 to 140 dB (27 to 118 with Low Range Option)

  • A-Weighted Range: 29 to 140 dB (17 to 118 with Low Range Option)

  • Measurements: SPL, Leq, Lmin, Lmax, Lpeak, Lpeak (max)

  • Standard Internal Memory: 2 GB

  • Battery Options: Alkaline or Lithium Ion

  • Battery Life: 22 hours (Alkaline) or 30 hours (Lithium Ion)

  • Temperature Range: -10C to 50C (14F to 122F)

  • Time Weighting: Slow, Fast, Impulse

  • Frequency Weighting: A, C & Z Octave

  • Real-Time Third Octave Band Frequency Analysis available

  • Digital Voice Annotation available

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