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Load Cells are designed to monitor tensile load in tiebacks, anchors, struts and structure supports. A Vibrating Wire (VW) Load Cell consists of a cylinder of high-strength steel with 3, 4 or 6 vibrating wire strain gauges located inside the cylinder and around the circumference of the cell. Loads applied to the cell are measured by the vibrating wire strain gauges. The effects of uneven and eccentric loading are minimized by averaging the output of all the individual readings. The arrangement of the strain gauges inside the cell also compensates for temperature effects. The rugged, water proof design includes heavy duty protective cover, sealed construction and low deflection under load.

  • Available in virtually any size

  • Available in both annular and solid styles

  • Compatible with any conventional strain indicator instrument

  • High resistance to cable effects

  • Accommodates off centre loading

  • Long-term reliability

  • Custom manufactured to fit project requirements

  • Heat treated and stress relieved load element

  • Temperature compensated

  • Accurate readings over long cable lengths

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