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Inclinometer casing serves as an access tube to guide the installation process. It can be used with all inclinometers to monitor the stability of embankments, slopes, foundation and excavation walls, piles, set into concrete or attached to structures. The casing sections are designed to be assembled quickly and easily. An inclinometer casing anchor is affixed to the bottom of the inclinometer casing prior to inserting it into the borehole. They can be installed for long or short term monitoring in the most adverse field conditions. The key to quality inclinometer casing is not only the material, but the quality and shape of the grooves. The grooves are used to control the azimuth of the inclinometer probe.

  • Available in quick-connect or rivet-glue options

  • Self-aligning

  • Integral coupling reduces assembly induced spiral by 50%

  • Compatible with all commercially available inclinometers

  • Low temperature, impact and corrosion resistant material

  • Visual and tactile confirmation of proper installation

  • Suitable for use in landfills or for geothermal applications

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